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AA with emphasis CS | AS in CS


Highline graduates have many options for transferring to a four-year college or university: public and private, in-state and out-of-state. There are many bachelor’s degree programs not only in Computer Science, but also in Information Technology, Informatics, and Computer Engineering.

The degree you pursue at Highline depends on where you want to transfer to, and which degree you wish to pursue there. For most in-state four-year Computer Science programs, the AA Degree is the best option. For the UW – Seattle and some private schools, the AS Degree may be the preferred degree choice.

The first step in the transfer process is to explore your options and decide on the right choice for you. It’s always a good idea to plan on applying to more than one college or university. The links on this page may be helpful in getting you started.

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Part #1 – The importance of advising. Learn more about CS at Highline College.

Part #2 – The difference between AA and AS transfer degrees. A review of 4-year transfer degree requirements.

Part #3 – How to write a personal statement. We will focus on do’s and don’t in a personal statement.

  • Computer Science 80% 80%
  • Math 100% 100%
  • Physics 100% 100%
  • Language 25% 25%
  • Humanities & Social Science 25% 25%
  • Computer Science 60% 60%
  • Math 25% 25%
  • Physics 25% 25%
  • Language 75% 75%
  • Humanities & Social Science 90% 90%

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Washington State 4 Year Schools

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I hope this message finds you well and that classes are going smoothly for you. I wanted to share with you some exciting news with you that you can pass along to your current Cisco Net Acad students that would give them real expectations for what kind of career options are available to them when they complete Cisco Net Acad under your instruction.

Ryan Harmon

ryan_harmon“Highline’s Information Systems Project Coordinator program taught me real, employable, job skills. The small class sizes enabled educators to give me the support I needed to be successful. The best part was having the opportunity to work on real-world projects for real clients. I was hired by Good Done Great, the day after I completed my last course. Now, that’s results!”

“For the first time in years, I’m truly excited about my future!”
~Ryan Harmon, Technical Project Manager

David Matthews

david_matthews“This is a well-designed and extensive curriculum with a lot of hands-on practice on real life computer forensics tools. The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. The City is setting up a new forensics lab and this program has given me the knowledge, skills and tools I need.”
~David Matthews, Information Security Officer

Brian Steadman

brian_steadman“The Highline Community College Computer Science program helped me learn the basics I needed to succeed in the field of Computer Science. The skills I learned taking courses at HCC have helped me get job offers at Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. When I graduated HCC and transferred to the University of Washington, I found that what I had learned at HCC had more than prepared me for their computer science program. The small course sizes and affordable tuition really allowed me to focus on the material I needed to succeed later in my career.”
~Brian Steadman, Software Engineer

Eric Heyliger

eric_heyliger“I am a Security Analyst for an Arlington, Virginia based firm. I travel the country doing network security testing at VA hospitals. I work with professionals with 10 to 15 years of experience, and my HCC degree got me here. If I can do it, anyone can! I gained my skill set and confidence from the Highline Computer Science/CIS faculty. If you like computers and want a career, put your heart into it and get started!”
~Eric Heyliger, Network Specialist/Security Analyst

Joe Wayman

joe_wayman“After separating from the Marine Corps, I decided to make use of my benefits and enrolled at Highline Community College in their CIS program to obtain my AAS degree. I graduated in June of 2001. I owe every bit of my current success to the skills I cultivated while attending Highline and the knowledge I gained from the wonderful instructors there. After graduating, I relocated to Phoenix, AZ and was immediately able to employ my database design and SQL skills to find an excellent job as a mid-level SQL developer. Armed with the knowledge and skills gathered while attending Highline, I have had the pleasure of being able to work for several great companies and have enjoyed several opportunities for advancement even through the tough economic times and downsizing in our industry.”
~Joe Wayman, Database Developer/Administrator

Shawn Seeley

shawn_seeley“The Web/Database Developer Program at Highline Community College has helped to prepare me for an opportunity to either freelance or work as an entry-level web developer. While working on my AAS, I interned at the Puget Sound Educational Service District where I was part of a web development team and contributed to numerous projects. All the skills and technologies I have learned in this program are relevant to work I will be doing. The hands on projects and team exercises are a great way to prepare you for a career in web development.”
~Shawn Seeley, Web Developer

Karen Fall

karen_fall“I recently had the opportunity to take a position in my organization’s IT department. I knew this was going to be a challenging position. I had many of the skills I needed, but still had some areas where my skills could use some improvement. I researched many programs available at several local colleges and found that Highline Community College had the best program available that would fit my schedule. I was able to complete a one-year client-side scripting certificate online. As a busy working professional and single parent, this program was exactly what I needed. I’ve learned valuable, current skills that I have been able to use immediately in my position and these skills will help me to be more competitive in the future.”
~Karen Fall, Web/Database Developer

Jonathan Gardner

jonathan_gardner“The Web Database Developer program at Highline truly prepares students for web development in today’s world. The materials covered build a solid, broad foundation that will prepare the student for the ever-evolving technologies of this industry. The technology taught is current and used day-to-day by leading websites in both startups and small to mid-sized businesses. There is enthusiasm among the students and staff. This is what a successful program should look like at all community colleges.”
~Jonathan Gardner, Software Developer/Engineer

Jodie Le

jodie_le“I graduated from HCC with Certificates in Web/Database Development and Database Management. Since then, what started out as an internship has blossomed into a full-time position with the Puget Sound Educational Service District as an Application Support Technician. I can honestly say that Highline was a turning point for me. With help from the wonderful instructors, I was able to find opportunities that would have been lost otherwise. I appreciated the knowledge and expertise they provided. Hands on experience and real life projects allowed me to understand all aspects of planning, developing, implementing, and testing website applications. Through these projects, I was able to fine tune my skills. The program emphasized the importance of research and testing, which are critical in the real world. With them, you are able to grow beyond what your instructors can teach you and make yourself into a stronger, more knowledgeable employee.”
~Jodie Le, Web/Database Developer