Short Certificates

These certificates can lead to an AAS degree

Web Database Developer

Front End Website Development [26 cr]

  • C SCI 102- Introduction to Web Dev.
  • C SCI 202- HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • C SCI 212- JavaScript
  • C SCI 112- Animation with Scripting
  • C SCI 201- WordPress & E-Commerce
  • CIS 140- Internship


Back End Website Development [26 cr]

  • C SCI 131-  Python 1
  • C SCI 231-  Python 2
  • C SCI 116- Web Programming 1
  • C SCI 215- Web Programming 2
  • CIS 218 Database Concepts
  • CIS 140 Internship

Animation & Mobile Development

Graduate Testimonials

What our graduates are saying...



"When I decided that I wanted to go back to school for Web Development, I researched all of the colleges within a 30 mile radius of my home. Highline's program stood out head and shoulders above the rest. The program did not disappoint. The courses were challenging but well taught by seasoned instructors. The program included two large 'real world' projects which are designed to give practice coding, teach teamwork, give experience working with a client and build confidence. I would return to Highline for future classes without any hesitation, despite the 60 mile round trip drive!"

Jennifer Bahneman

Web Consultant

"I came to Highline Community College as an international student with the love of Computer Science. I started out my first quarter in 2010 with Java and web development and was amazed at how cool these classes are. Classes were interesting and assignments, although challenging, were very useful and practical. Fast-forward 2 years later, I was already getting my Associates Degree in Computer Science, but that piece of paper is nothing comparing to all the knowledge I got from all of these classes. Right before graduation, I found an internship – building a social networking site. After 6 months of doing internships, I was hired as a Software Engineer at Airbiquity Inc., which focuses on developing software for vehicles. Since then, I’ve been working with great companies like Nissan, Ford, Bosch, Panasonic, and more. Talk about a dream job."

Sherzod Kutfiddinov

Software Engineer

"I graduated from HCC with Certificates in Web/Database Development and Database Management. Since then, what started out as an internship has blossomed into a full-time position with the Puget Sound Educational Service District as an Application Support Technician. I can honestly say that Highline was a turning point for me. With help from the wonderful instructors, I was able to find opportunities that would have been lost otherwise. I appreciated the knowledge and expertise they provided. Hands on experience and real life projects allowed me to understand all aspects of planning, developing, implementing, and testing website applications. Through these projects, I was able to fine tune my skills. The program emphasized the importance of research and testing, which are critical in the real world. With them, you are able to grow beyond what your instructors can teach you and make yourself into a stronger, more knowledgeable employee."

Jodie Le

Web/Database Developer

"This is a well-designed and extensive curriculum with a lot of hands-on practice on real life computer forensics tools. The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. The City is setting up a new forensics lab and this program has given me the knowledge, skills and tools I need."

David Matthews

Information Security Officer

BAS Cybersecurity

Bachelor of Applied Science in Cybersecurity and Forensics expands on Highline’s already strong Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Department.


The CS/CIS department at Highline College offers a range of professional/technical programs, ranging from WebDevelopment to Network Engineer, and more.

Transfer to a 4-year school

Transfer to a 4-year school by completing a 2 year AA or AS in Computer Science. Benfits to a large institute include smaller classes and cost!

Continuing Education

Are you looking to further your existing skills? The CS/CIS department offer a range of short certificates that will provide you the skills to enhance your career.