Web Development & Data Science / Web Design

AAS - Associate of Applied Science
Gaining a two-year Web Developer degree from Highline College will equip you to design and develop dynamic, data-driven websites for small to mid-size businesses. Highline works closely with the industry to ensure that students are learning the most relevant and marketable skills. Students participate in a capstone project for a small business in the community, complete an internship, and attend Emerging Technologies seminars.

Highline offers a two-year AAS Degree in Web Developer and Web Design, as well as a number of short certificates. Most classes are available online and hybrid.

Emphasis & Technologies

    • Front-end development (HTML5, CSS 3 and JavaScript).
    • Database Technologies (MySQL)
    • Web Programming (PHP)
    • JavaScript  and jQuery
    • Web Design Fundamentals
    • Content Management Systems (WordPress)
    • Mobile App Development
    • Agile Software Development, Versioning, and Project Management
    • Front end & back end programming
    • Debugging and testing
    • Animation

* The AAS Degree in Web/Database Development is not a transfer degree, with the exception of Central Washington University’s (Des Moines campus) BAS ITAM (BAS in Information Technology and Administrative Management), Highline College’s BAS in Cybersecurity and Forensics, and BAS programs available at other colleges. If you are interested in transferring to another four-year university, see the Computer Science Transfer degrees.

Learn more about certificate graduation rates and median debt of students who have completed a certificate program

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Web & Computer Science

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Email: rkang@highline.edu

By Googling “Web developer jobs in Seattle,” you will find an ample number of jobs in Seattle, WA. There are so many job opportunities on Indeed.com for Seattle website developers!

The job market in Seattle for web developers is rewarding and thriving. Web development jobs are real from small businesses and companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon!

As a graduate of Highline College, you will be fully prepared to fill new jobs in web development.

Ref: How to start a career as a Seattle Web Developer

I started the AAS in Web Development at Highline College because I wanted to get skills to get a job. I was surprised to get more than that. I met professors that were really passionate about their student’s success. This led to very interactive and meaningful classes that taught me how to apply the best practices to my job. Soon after I started the program, I found a job as a programmer thanks to the referral by one of my professors who saw my commitment to learn and achieve more every day. While working, I realized how important every lesson was. I also became part of Washington MESA, and they gave me the chance to participate in a career fair sponsored by the SHPE were I could to introduce myself to many representatives of Fortune 500 companies that attended. Currently, I work as a Software Engineer at Microsoft where I continue to apply the valuable knowledge I acquired at Highline College, the institution where I first learned how to program and to which I will always be grateful for being a key part of my journey.”

Dixon Mejia Piters

Sherzod Kutfiddinov

sherzod_kutfiddinov“I came to Highline Community College as an international student with the love of Computer Science. I started out my first quarter in 2010 with Java and web development and was amazed at how cool these classes are. Classes were interesting and assignments, although challenging, were very useful and practical. Fast-forward 2 years later, I was already getting my Associates Degree in Computer Science, but that piece of paper is nothing comparing to all the knowledge I got from all of these classes. Right before graduation, I found an internship – building a social networking site. After 6 months of doing internships, I was hired as a Software Engineer at Airbiquity Inc., which focuses on developing software for vehicles. Since then, I’ve been working with great companies like Nissan, Ford, Bosch, Panasonic, and more. Talk about a dream job.”

Sherzod Kutfiddinov
Software Engineer

Brian Steadman

brian_steadman“The Highline Community College Computer Science program helped me learn the basics I needed to succeed in the field of Computer Science. The skills I learned taking courses at HCC have helped me get job offers at Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. When I graduated HCC and transferred to the University of Washington, I found that what I had learned at HCC had more than prepared me for their computer science program. The small course sizes and affordable tuition really allowed me to focus on the material I needed to succeed later in my career.”
~Brian Steadman, Software Engineer

Paul Scherer at Amazon

I hope this message finds you well and that classes are going smoothly for you. I wanted to share with you some exciting news with you that you can pass along to your current Cisco Net Acad students that would give them real expectations for what kind of career options are available to them when they complete Cisco Net Acad under your instruction.

BAS Cybersecurity

Bachelor of Applied Science in Cybersecurity and Forensics expands on Highline's already strong Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Department.


The CS/CIS department at Highline College offers a range of professional/technical programs, ranging from WebDevelopment to Network Engineer, and more.

Transfer to a 4-year school

Transfer to a 4-year school by completing a 2 year AA or AS in Computer Science. Benefits to a large institute include smaller classes and cost!

Continuing Education

Are you looking to further your existing skills? The CS/CIS department offer a range of short certificates that will provide you the skills to enhance your career.