sherzod_kutfiddinov“I came to Highline Community College as an international student with the love of Computer Science. I started out my first quarter in 2010 with Java and web development and was amazed at how cool these classes are. Classes were interesting and assignments, although challenging, were very useful and practical. Fast-forward 2 years later, I was already getting my Associates Degree in Computer Science, but that piece of paper is nothing comparing to all the knowledge I got from all of these classes. Right before graduation, I found an internship – building a social networking site. After 6 months of doing internships, I was hired as a Software Engineer at Airbiquity Inc., which focuses on developing software for vehicles. Since then, I’ve been working with great companies like Nissan, Ford, Bosch, Panasonic, and more. Talk about a dream job.”

Sherzod Kutfiddinov
Software Engineer